We accept trade-ins of used video games (Must have original case, box, etc), consoles (Must include 1 controller and all cables), accessories and figures. Items should be in good working order. We will Not accept any reproductions (Knock-offs, bootlegged), items. We may also not accept all items based on our digression and ability to re-sell. Depending on the amount of trade-ins, items may have to be left with the store for a few days to be processed and tested. All trade-ins and quotations are subject to a processing time of 1 day to 7 days or longer, depending on how busy it is and the amount of items being traded in.

Mail-in Trade-ins

Here’s how to sell your video games and consoles.

  1. Send us a list of your games with pictures. Describe the condition the best you can.
  2. We will send you an offer once we've gone through the list.
  3. Once we've agreed on a price, let us know how you want to be paid (Paypal, e-transfer)
  4. Package everything carefully in a box and let us know the weight.
  5. Mail your package.
  6. Once we recieve your package and verify contents and conditions we will send you your money within 2 days!

You can email us your lists and photos of your items to info@thegamingloungecanada.ca or call us at 403-473-8710 to set up a drop-off time.